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Growth, competitiveness and internationalisation of Italian companies

About us

Cdp Equity (previously Fondo Strategico Italiano) is a holding company aiming to boost the Italian economy by investing equity capital in companies of major national interest.  Cdp Equity invests in companies that have a stable financial position and performance, adequate profit-generating and growth prospects, and therefore capable of generating value for investors

We have invested and committed a total of € 3.7 billion, with a portfolio currently comprising minority holdings in 9 companies

Investment perimeter
Ansaldo Energia

Energy related equipment
Investment: € 659 mln (shareholding: 44,8% after divestiture of 40% to Shanghai Electric Corporation)


Food and food distribution
Investment: € 165 mln (shareholding: 28.4%)

IQ Made in Italy

Made in Italy
Investment: € 150 mln (joint venture 50.0% with Qatar Holding)

Kedrion Group SpA

Plasma derivatives

Investment: € 150 mln (shareholding: 25.1%)

Open Fiber

Infrastructures and telecommunications
Investment: € 359 mln (shareholding: 50%)

Rocco Forte Hotels

Tourism and hospitality
Investment: GBP 60 mln (shareholding: 23.0%)


Engineering and Mechanics for Oil & Gas
Investment: € 903 mln (shareholding: 12.5%)


IT support services for financial intermediaries. E-money and payment systems
Investment: € 242 mln (shareholding: 49.5% through FSIA Investimenti Srl)

Trevi Group

Engineering and mechanical engineering for construction and energy
Investment: € 101 mln (shareholding: 16.8%)


Components for the control of flows
Investment: € 151 mln (shareholding: 49.5%)

Investment perimeter

Cdp Equity operates by acquiring mainly minority holdings in companies of significant national interest which are economically and financially stable and present adequate income-earning and growth prospects