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Growth, innovation, competitiveness and internationalization of Italian companies through direct and indirect investments

About us

CDP Equity is a holding company of Cassa depositi e prestiti Group, with the objective of investing in Italian companies of significant national interest with economic, financial and asset balance, having suitable perspectives in terms of profitability and development, capable to create value for the investors.  CDP Equity also owns majority and minority interests in asset management companies, focusing on different business areas:  CDP Venture Capital, FII for private equity and private debt, FSI for private equity, F2i for infrastructure investments, 4R for corporate restructuring.

Investment perimeter

We have invested and committed a total of € 3.4 billion, with a portfolio currently comprising minority holdings in 13 companies

Ansaldo Energia

Sector: Energy related equipment
Investment: € 875 mln for 87,57%, plus shareholders loan of € 200 mln and equity commitment of € 50 mln

BF S.p.A.

Food / agriculture            
Investment: € 79,9 mln (shareholding: 18.8%)


Food and food distribution
Investment: € 165 mln (shareholding: 28.4%)

IQ Made in Italy

Made in Italy
Investment: € 150 mln (joint venture 50.0% with Qatar Holding)

Kedrion SpA

Sector: Plasma derivatives

Investment: € 117 mln (shareholding: 25.1%)

Open Fiber

Infrastructures and telecommunications
Investment: € 827 mln (initial investment € 359 mln) (shareholding: 50%)

Rocco Forte Hotels

Tourism and hospitality
Investment: GBP 60 mln (shareholding: 23.0%)


IT support services for financial intermediaries. E-money and payment systems
Investment: € 940 mln (shareholding: 57.42% through FSIA Investimenti and 25.7% direct investment)

TH Resorts

Tourism and hospitality
Investment:€ 20.4 mln (shareholding: 45.9%)

Trevi Group

Engineering and mechanical engineering for construction and energy
Investment: € 101 mln (shareholding: 16.8%)


Components for the control of flows
Investment: € 151 mln (shareholding: 49.5%)


Sector: Construction and large infrastructures

Investment: € 250 mln through capital increase

Investment perimeter

CDP Equity operates by acquiring majority and minority holdings in companies of significant national interest which are economically and financially stable and present adequate income-earning and growth prospects