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Corporate bodies

CDP Equity is managed by a Board of Directors, subject to supervision by a Board of Statutory Auditors

Corporate bodies

Board of Directors

The company is managed by a Board of Directors, currently  formed by of 3 directors, including the Chairman. The directors remain in office for a period of no more than three accounting periods and may be re-appointed. The Board of Directors establishes the objectives and general policy strategies for the management of the company, investment policies and sector priorities and approves investment and divestment operations.     

Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors oversees the observance of the law and the Articles of Association, the observance of the principles of correct administration and in particular the adequacy of the organisational, administrative and accounting set-up adopted by the company and its effective functioning.

Composition: Chairman: Roberto Ruggero Capone. Members: Paolo Golia, Ines Gandini.

Supervisory Body

The Supervisory Body is an autonomous and independent body which supervises the implementation of the Organisation, Management and Control Model envisaged by Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 on the liability of the company for offences and crimes committed in its interests by senior management or employees, and oversees its application. CDP Equity’s Supervisory Body formed by three members: the Chairman, the head of Internal Auditing of the group parent Cassa depositi e prestiti SpA and an external member.

Composition: Chairman: Ugo Lecis. Members: Mara De Paola

Independent Auditing Firm

The accuracy of the accounting records is subject to an audit by the independent auditing firm. The audit of the annual financial statements, the interim statements and the controls as per Italian Legislative Decree No. 39/10 of the Consolidated Finance Act is entrusted to PricewaterhouseCoopers.