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Ansaldo Energia

23 December 2013

€ 875 mln for 87.57%, plus shareholders loan of € 200 mln and equity commitment of € 50 mln

87.57%, following (i) divestment of 40% to Shanghai Electric Corporation on December 4th 2014 for € 400 mln and (ii) subscription of capital increase of € 450 mln on April 2020

Ansaldo Energia
Ansaldo Energia

Sector: Energy related equipment

AEN, based in Genoa, is a manufacturer of machinery for the energy sector (gas and steam turbines and generators) and a supplier of turnkey gas thermal power plants and maintenance services for the plants. AEN is also present in the Nuclear and Renewable energy sectors.

The added-value mechanical industry for the energy sector represents a sector in which Italy has a chain of companies that represent niche areas of excellence.

The market for the development and production of gas turbines is based on high-level technology, which only four countries in the world possess and which is held by just a few large multi-nationals (Siemens and Mitsubishi), along with AEN.

CDP Equity investment and objective

By means of the transaction involving Ansaldo Energia, CDP Equity aims to encourage the growth and technological innovation of a strategic company for the Italian economy.

CDP Equity’s priority is to find partners able both to strengthen Ansaldo Energia international footprint, and develop technologies and products in the renewable energy sector.

In April 2020 Ansaldo Energia subscribed a capital increase of € 450 mln in Ansaldo Energia Spa (of which € 400 mln fully paid in). The strengthening of the equity position, pursued together with a reorganization of financial indebtedness, led to an increase of CDP Equity stake in Ansaldo from 60% to 88%.

Divestment and share sold by CDP Equity

Sale of 40% of Ansaldo Energia to Shanghai Electric Corporation.

Divestiture completed in December 2014.

Selling price of € 400 mln vs an acquisition price of € 311 mln.