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Gruppo Hera SpA

19 November 2013

€ 7.3 mln

The disposal of the 0.382% stake has been completed in May 2014 at an average share price of € 2.07. The stake had been acquired at a share price of € 1.35

Gruppo Hera SpA
Gruppo Hera SpA

Sector: public services

The Italian utility Hera Group is a leading provider of services related to the water cycle and the energy sector, and leader in the management of environmental services.

CDP Equity investment and objective

CDP Equity investment represents the first solid step to promote the consolidation of public services.

Divestment and share sold by CDP Equity

Share sold by CDP Equity: 0.382%

The divestiture of the entire stake has been completed in May 2014 at a selling price of € 11.2 mln.