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Open Fiber

20 December 2016

€ 827mln (initial investment € 359mln)


Open Fiber
Open Fiber

Sector: infrastructures and telecommunications                

Open Fiber, based in Milan, is a company onwed by CDP Equity (50%) and Enel (50%), that aims to develop a fiber optics network throughout the Country.  The Company’s development plan provides the “fiber-to-the-home” coverage of 270 Italian cities and towns, with total investments of approximately  € 4 bn until 2030.

CDP Equity investment and objective

The merger of Open Fiber with Metroweb Italia will allow the Company to speed up the implementation of its development plan.  Metroweb Italia, in fact, represents a benchmark for dark fiber connections in Milan, Genoa, Bologna and (under construction) Turin metropolitan areas.

CDP Equity’s investment aims to support the implementation of the plan to spread nationwide a fiber optics network open to all the interested operators and to play a main role in the development of a strategic infrastructure for Italy with adequate expected returns on the invested capital.