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29 January 2021

€ 32.5 mn



Sector: energy efficiency

Renovit is the Italian platform created to promote the energy efficiency of condominiums, companies and public administration. Its goal is to promote sustainable development and Italy’s energy transition. Renovit, previously Snam4Efficiency is 70% owned by Snam and the remaining 30% by CDP Equity.

CDP Equity investment and objective

In the last few years, the platform has become one of the leading national operators in the field of energy efficiency, as a result targeted screening and an effective M&A strategy run by Snam. Today, Renovit can offer integrated services: in the residential and industrial sector through the investee TEP Energy Solution and Evolve, 100% and 70% owned respectively; and in the public administration with Mieci, which it owns 70% of. Renovit is leveraging its current positioning and aims to develop its activities in the field of public administration, strengthened by the role of the CDP Group, it has been supporting Italy and local authorities for 170 years. Furthermore, Renovit is able to benefit from a commercial cooperation agreement between Renovit and CDP.