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28 May 2014

€ 940 mln

57.42% (indirectly held through FSIA Investimenti, 70% owned by FSI Investimenti) and 25.7% direct investment

Partial divestment carried out in February 2017 through the sale of 30% of FSIA Investimenti for € 278 mln



IT support services for financial intermediaries. E-money and payment systems.

SIA, based in Milan, is one of the European leaders in the design, implementation and management of infrastructure and technology services dedicated to Financial and Central Institutions, Companies and Public Administrations, in the field of payments, electronic money, network services and capital markets.

SIA plays a strategic role in the Italian and European financial system: it is, inter alia, the operator of the National Interbank Network (Rete Nazionale Interbancaria), which manages the clearing system for Bank of Italy and is the exclusive operator of EBA-Step 2 (international interbank clearing platform) on behalf of EBA.

CDP Equity investment and objective

Through its investment, CDP Equity acts as a catalyst for:

  • SIA’s organic growth, especially in foreign markets
  • the aggregation of other operators and the reduction of the fragmentation in the sector
  • an active role in the digitalization of the Public Administration
  • the strengthening of strategic partnerships with the Italian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange for the MTS platform and Montetitoli
  • the increase of the utilization of electronic money in Italy

Partial divestment

Partial divestment carried out in February 2017 through the sale of 30% of FSIA Investimenti, owned by CDP Equity through FSI Investimenti.
Realisation value: € 278 mln against an investment of € 72 mln.