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Invest with CDP Equity

CDP Equity is open to joint-investments with other primary industrial and financial operators that show interest in individual transactions

In any event, the governance rights acknowledged to CDP Equity shall have to ensure the necessary means for monitoring the investee companies and pursuing objectives on the basis of the investment plan.

In general, the co-investors and the reference company representatives must satisfy the requirements of transparency of the ownership set-ups, good standing and professionalism required of the companies being invested in.

In detail, CDP Equity selects any financial co-investors on the basis of standing, equity soundness, extent and structure of the financial resources which can be contributed in relation to the individual investment, the sector or performance track record and the potential managerial contribution to the company being invested in.

CDP Equity selects any industrial co-investors mainly on the basis of the contribution of know-how for the creation of the development project and the synergies which can be developed in industrial, commercial or financial terms as well as in terms of strategic edge and entrepreneurship.

In all the cases, CDP Equity takes into consideration the prospects and aims of the investment by the co-investors in relation to its own investment strategy. CDP Equity decides whether to involve industrial or financial co-investors on the basis of needs relating to the individual project and the company subject to investment.

Invest with CDP Equity

Invest with CDP Equity