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Investment criteria

Focus on targets with growth potential, also via transformations

Investment criteria

Investment criteria

Size increase and internationalization

Focus on targets with growth potential, also via transformations

Long-term outlook

CDP Equity corporate structure as a joint-stock company is consistent with the support of long-term industrial projects, with market returns (in relation to the various commodities sectors concerned)

Preferably primary capital

Share capital increases for growth in size of the companies and moderate leverage. CDP Equity can invest by acquiring existing shares if an investment cannot be pursued via a share capital increase structure but the company presents growth and development characteristics which would be developed following the stabilisation of the shareholding structure via the entry of CDP Equity

Essentially minority holdings with active governance

Consistent with the concept of non-operating investor with a patient, medium/long-term view

Investment size

For the purpose of correctly handling risk and adequately monitoring the investee companies, CDP Equity generally considers investments involving minimum amounts of € 50-100 mln and establishes suitable maximum concentration limits for each sector in relation to the available capital (without prejudice to any exceptions, subject to approval by the decision-making bodies)